Hey, I’m Tori.


I like people. A lot. I like getting to know them, learning about their experiences, hearing their stories, and discovering their passions. I also like writing. I never seem to find the words to express myself aloud but when I write things down, everything becomes clearer to me and to the folks whom I wish to understand my thoughts and neuroses.


One last thing: I LOVE travelling. Mainly for the people, and food, and to see pretty things. But also because I learn so much about the world and, largely, myself. So naturally, like most 20-something travellers who have the patience, I started a travel blog to keep my friends and family up to date on my adventures and to sort through the thoughts I’ve been thinking and the lessons I’ve been learning.


Welcome to The Abroadening, my wee bit of the interwebs I use to keep myself focused on the beauty in the world and the importance of frequent and positive thinking.

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